Thankful for Traffic

“Take the high road, there’s a lot less traffic up there.” – Phillip C. McGraw

Traffic…I never thought I’d ever be glad to be in (almost) standstill traffic, but here I am…glad that I was in (almost) standstill traffic. Why was I glad? Because after just a few minutes of this traffic, the GPS decided to take a little detour.

Yesterday started with a day trip to the beach with a friend. While I could go into more details about the whole day (because honestly ALL of the day was an adventure, trust me), I’m going to focus on one story that happened on the way home from the beach.

About an hour from home, we hit traffic. This wasn’t just any traffic delay…it was more of an “add an hour or two to a two hour trip” traffic delay. Because of this, the GPS told us to get off at the next exit and take a detour (why everyone wasn’t doing the same thing I don’t know, but it worked in our favor). We took the exit. As we were driving, we were amazed to see houses on stilts, palm trees, and a beach without a ton of tourists (keep in mind that all three of these things are quite rare in the great state of Virginia). The coast was lined with parking lots so that people could go enjoy the beach, so of course we whipped right in to a spot and meandered our way down to the beach.

Even at first glance, we could see that this was a wonderful find. Sea shells lined the shoreline, enhancing he beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. To the right a sandbar emerged from the beach, and to the left a long pier with a building half way down protruded from the shore. As we walked along the beach, we collected beautiful rocks and seashells. I put my feet into the water and was not at all surprised that the temperature reminded me of icicles attacking my ankles.

After sitting on the beach for a short period of time, we decided to explore the pier a little bit more. Upon farther look, we saw that the little building on the pier was a restaurant. It was about dinner time, so we decided to go take a look and eat dinner there. The place was a “seat yourself” restaurant, and when we walked around to look all of the tables were taken! We decided not to wait because there were already so many people waiting, but I fully intend to go try this place some other time.

Finally, we walked back to our car and climbed in. We had to find an empty water bottle to put all of our seashells and rocks in! We talked all the way home about how beautiful the little beach was, and we decided that we will definitely go back somewhere in the near future!

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“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”

— William Feather

Where to next?
Which adventure awaits?

Me…I live for adventure. I love to feel the wind in my face, see the sunset on top of a mountain, and watch as dolphins jump in and out of the ocean. The world is an awesome place – the oceans, the mountains, the desserts, the cities. Beauty is everywhere. I love to travel, and am blessed to have seen God’s creation everywhere I’ve been. It is my goal in every moment to take this life and to live it all to God’s glory. Life is a gift, and I plan to live this life as best I can. I’m a human not capable of much, but as soon as I get off the couch and start my car, an adventure awaits. So welcome to my blog! My hope is that it will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and live a little! I’ll be sharing my adventures, as well as tips for travel, budgeting, and much more! Enjoy!